Peachtree is a boutique catering and events firm, serving up creativity and style on Philadelphia's Main Line. In 2019, Lovably began a multi-year effort to rebrand Peachtree and its three venues — Parque, Pomme, and Portico.

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Working closely with the firm’s founders, we designed visual identities for Peachtree and its venues, taking great care to ensure that the brands were harmonious yet true to the unique character of each.

We also designed responsive websites, stationery, magazine advertisements, packaging collateral, menu systems, branded merchandise, and more.

We continue to oversee creative direction for all of Peachtree's graphic endeavors.

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Food & Drink


Philadelphia, PA



Peachtree logo.
Pomme logo.Portico logo.Parque logo.
PANTONE color swatches for Peachtree, Pomme, Portico, and Parque.
Peachtree box, open, with branded wrapping paper and sticker.
A screenshot of the Peachtree website homepage.
A screenshot of the Peachtree website About page.
A screenshot of the Parque website Gallery page on mobile.
A screenshot of Parque's Instagram on mobile.
A screenshot of the Parque website Calendar page.
A magazine advertisement for Parque.
A screenshot of the Peachtree website Contact page.
A mockup of the Peachtree delivery van.
Peachtree business cards on a table, next to a few glass cups.

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