The Case Against Artificial Intelligence in Design

What good is the craftsman who doesn't craft?

At Lovably, we're taking a stance against technologies which prioritize profit and convenience at humanity's expense.

We will not use LLM-based generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, to create or assist in the creation of our designs, nor will we use it for the purposes of marketing or correspondence with clients, colleagues, or anyone else.

We all deserve to know who we're working with. We deserve authentic human connections, not the manufactured illusions of a proprietary algorithm. While theoretically impressive, we find the application of this technology under most circumstances to be fundamentally dishonest, degrading, and at odds with the well-being of communities everywhere.

Technological progress in any given direction is not inevitable. Though it often trends toward efficiency, we must consider the human cost. We are responsible for shaping the relationship we have with machines and each other.

Steve Jobs called the personal computer a "bicycle for the mind." Artificial intelligence of this sort is a replacement for the mind. We prefer the real thing.

Written by
Dylan Seeger
April 2023

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