Studio Etiquette

Lovably is a small studio and we'd like to keep it that way. Therefore, we must set expectations with intention and deliver consistently on all our commitments. Here are eight practices which help us succeed in accomplishing this:

  1. We respect the time and attention of our clients immensely. We will never inundate them or anybody else with frivolous requests.
  2. We follow regular office hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM.
  3. We address most correspondence within 48 business hours. Often sooner, sometimes later.
  4. We check our mailbox three times per day and strive to send as few emails as possible, helping to minimize distraction and waste.
  5. We take phone calls by appointment only; an effort to reduce interruptions and superfluous overhead.
  6. We generally avoid the use of video conferencing software; a gesture of consideration for the privacy of our clients, partners, and colleagues.
  7. Communications are conducted using time-tested systems such as email, telephone, or post. We avoid technological fads in favor of those that are universal, reliable, and simple.
  8. Our studio is closed on nights and weekends. New York sleeps, after all. Additionally, we close one week per quarter for our seasonal holidays, during which we recharge and explore new ideas. Advance notice is given.

While some may interpret these practices as stubborn eccentricity, we trust that you will come to appreciate the calmness of our restraint, the reliability of our methods, and the discipline with which we show our craft.

With love from New York City,

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April 2022

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