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Franklyn — Framework
Buenaventura — Cultulaw
Practice — Unison
Michael Bierut, Pentagram — MIT Museum
Wolff Olins — New York Botanical Garden
Covers, Lua Garcia — Hawarden Estate Experience
Analogue — Nucatus
Apple — Macintosh
Bigfish — Dancenorth
Faculty — Clerestory
A Friend of Mine — Jon Netti
Years Months Days — Oroton, Spring 2023
Arce Studio — QUAM
Behalf Studio — Gigi
Omnigroup — Fondation Jan Michalski
Acute — Sera
Marina Willer, Pentagram — Natural History Museum
An Open Understanding — Lé Mondrian
Gretel — Noma 2.0
William Golden — CBS
Two Are — Clay Cove
Mast — Phase
Order — Classified
Ground — Fern
Covers — Greenwich Dance
Love + Money — Karst
Forth + Back — Good Twin
Miska Studio — Frank
Ateljé Altmann — Magasin III
Alex Hunting Studio — Sabato Magazine
Wedge — Indigo
Hymn — Liminal Studio
Graphic Thought Facility — Vitra Classics 2021
Newkid — 1Hour-After
Studio Bruch — Hea
Wildish & Co. — Brilliant Planet
Decade — Khaite
Michael Bierut, Pentagram — Central Park Conservancy
With You — The Modest Merchant
Mast — COHO
Underline — Baker Echo
Triboro — Paul McCartney: The Lyrics
Concrete — Vega
Twist — The OneTwo
The Company You Keep — Collingwood Yards
Accompany — Australian Ethical
Bigfish — Meet the Artists
Temporada — Binza
Justified Studio — Svea Solar
Only Studio — The Beams
Angus Hyland, Pentagram — SeekOut
Diferente — Cale&Cael
The Company You Keep — Biotope
Denomination — Uovo
The Colour Club — Adela
Rice Studios — Trip Tips
Milk — UHO
HelloMe — Vitra, Jean Prouvé
Abbott Miller, Pentagram — The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Eighth Day — Octavia
Christopher Doyle & Co. — Small Hours
Dothings — Laura Mercier
Thought & Found — KGM
Date of Birth — Amble
Leo Burnett Design — Grinning Face Coconut Milk
Image Format — 8 ½
Escola — L'Apòstrof
Atelier Pol — 50 Jahre Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung
An Open Understanding — LO.W

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